Slow Death and Other Dark Tales

Slow Death and Other Dark Tales 

Looking for sparkly vampires or heroic werewolves?

Sorry, you won’t find them here.

Slow Death 3d-coverHumans—and the occasional ghost—intent on murder, revenge, and righting wrongs take center stage in these tales. Meet a grieving mother witnessing a death-row execution, a wronged bureaucrat condemned to a future drug rehabilitation center, an Alzheimer’s patient trapped in his own deteriorating mind, a ghost on a mission of justice, and more in this collection of the author’s best dark fiction.

Author: Faith L. Justice
Print ISBN: 978-1601458131
Length: 70 pp; 1.5 hours
Price: $5.99 print (discounts vary), $2.99 eBook, $5.95 audible book (discounts vary)
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