Time Again and Other Fantastic Stories

Time Again and Other Fantastic Stories

What would you do with an extra hour of life?

Time Again 3d-coverKiss your sweetheart? East ice cream? Graffiti your workplace? Find out how one man uses his bonus hour in the award-winning story “Time Again.” Then check out how a young woman deals with a transforming experience, business consultant Alice overhauls Wonderland, a fierce mother takes on the devil who wants to marry her daughter, and more in this collection of five of the authors best fantasy stories. Contains a bonus interview with acclaimed fantasy author Ursula K. Le Guin.

Author: Faith L. Justice
Print ISBN: 978-1601458131
Length: 90 pp
Price: $5.99 (Print-discounts vary), $2.99 (eBook). $5.95 (audio-discounts vary)
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