Hypatia: Her Life and Times

Hypatia: Her Life and Times

Who was Hypatia of Alexandria?

A brilliant young mathematician and scientist, murdered by a religious mob?

An aging academic taken out by a political enemy?

A sorceress who kept the governor and people of Alexandria in thrall through her satanic wiles?

Did she discover that the earth circled the sun a thousand years before Copernicus or was she merely a gifted geometry teacher?

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Over the years, I’ve researched and written extensively about Hypatia trying to answer those questions. In 2012, I collected that writing in Hypatia: Her Life and Times. Several (but not all) of those articles are available on my website and blog (links below). Hypatia continues to fascinate modern readers. Read the book and find out why.

Author:  Faith L. Justice
Print ISBN:  978-1479157358
Length:  105 pp
Price:  $6.49 (Print-discounts vary) $2.99 (eBook)
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