Twilight Empress

“…the book is an addictive, fun, fast read. Justice chooses her key moments wisely, weaving a decades-long narrative about Placidia’s layered life as she rises to eventual leadership.”

—Kirkus Reviews

Sword of the Gladiatrix

“Readers will care very much about both these women—fans of Roman historical fiction should not miss this title."

— The Historical Novel Society

Selene of Alexandria

“Readers will be captivated. Fans of Gillian Bradshaw’s classic The Beacon at Alexandria may especially enjoy Selene and find a promising new historical novelist who shares the same gift for wonderfully researched, vividly evoked, good old-fashioned storytelling.”

The Historical Novel Society

Book Review: The Black Count

The Black Count: Glory, Revolution, Betrayal, and the Real Count of Monte Cristo by Tom Reiss   Blurb: "The Black Count is the remarkable true story of the real Count of Monte Cristo – a stunning feat of historical sleuthing that brings to life the forgotten hero...

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Book Review: The Huntress

The Huntress by Kate Quinn Blurb: "The Huntress tells the story of three people in search of answers: Nina Markova, an ace Russian fighter pilot, is one of Stalin’s infamous Night Witches, the first band of women ever allowed to fly bomber runs during a war. Ian...

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Book Review: Kindred by Octavia Butler

Kindred by Octavia Butler   "Dana, a modern black woman, is celebrating her twenty-sixth birthday with her new husband when she is snatched abruptly from her home in California and transported to the antebellum South. Rufus, the white son of a plantation owner,...

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Book Review: The Confessions of Young Nero

The Confessions of Young Nero by  Margaret George   The blurb: "While Nero idealizes the artistic and athletic principles of Greece, his very survival rests on his ability to navigate the sea of vipers that is Rome. The most lethal of all is his own mother, a...

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Book Review: The Oni

The Oni by Gordon Linzner   "Imprisoned for thousands of years in the hilt of a ceremonial sword, the oni, a hideous Japanese demon, is accidentally released to wreak the havoc of its pent-up fury on an unsuspecting world. All-powerful, immortal, and possessed of...

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Book Review: Romanov Empress

The Romanov Empress: A Novel of Tsarina Maria Feodorovna by C.W. Gortner   Blurb: "Narrated by the mother of Russia’s last tsar, this vivid, historically authentic novel brings to life the courageous story of Maria Feodorovna, one of Imperial Russia’s most compelling...

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Book Review: “Burr” by Gore Vidal

Burr by Gore Vidal   Vidal is a master of his craft. This novel starts from the point of view of Charles Schuyler, a young law clerk working in the law office of an aged Aaron Burr. His employer inexplicably invites him on a mysterious carriage ride which ends in...

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